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Jim Reece’s Limited Edition at the Nags Head – 27th June 2008
T J – Vocals/Guitar, Jim Reece – Bass, & Pete Hedley – Drums
Robin Bibi at the Nags Head – 20th June 2008
Robin – Vocals/Guitar, Paul Robinson – Bass, & Matt Beable – Drums
Buzz at the Nags Head – 13th June 2008
Mac – Vocals/Guitar, Wink – Guitar, Sparkie – Vocals/Bass, Foxy Keyboard/vocals & Knobby – Drums also featuring Tony - vocals and Oz - Guitar
Blues Factory at the Nags Head – 30th May 2008
Phil Astles – Vocals/Guitar, Ronnie Ryan – Vocals/Guitar, John Mackie – Vocals/Bass & Roger Willis – Drums
Tyler Brown Blues Band at the Nags Head – 23rd May 2008
Bob Bawden – Vocals/guitar, Gareth Price - Guitar, Brad Morse – Blues Cross Harp & Tom Vines – Drums
Flaming Sambucas last gig with Tony Farwell on vocals at the Nags Head – 3rd May 2008
Tony Farwell – Vocals, Oz - Guitar, Chris – Guitar, Dan – Bass, Piers – Drums & Mac – guest vocals
We were really enjoying this gig until unfortunately a small group of inconsiderate idiots decided to move to the front and dance in a way that was not really suitable due to the lack of space, I tried mentioning it to one of the individuals concerned and the response was “what do you expect?” – I expect people to have consideration for others!
After having our own drinks knocked over us and my camera several times despite our attempts to avoid this we were no longer enjoying the gig and decided to leave. We therefore do not have as many photos as usual, luckily I had expected it to get busy so had taken more in the first set than I would normally have.
Big thanks to all the guys in the band you always put on a good show and no thanks to the idiots.
3AM at the Nags Head – 2nd May 2008
Helen Turner – Vocals, Iain Black - Guitar, Tim Renton – Guitar, Trevor Turley – Bass, Chris Parren - Keyboards & Andy Renton – Drums
Papa George Band at the Nags Head – 11th April 2008
Papa George – Vocals/Guitar, Pete Rees – Bass & Geoff Dunn – Drums
Uniting the Elements at the Nags Head – 5th April 2008
Dawn – Vocals, Ola – Guitar, and Violet the Cannibal – Drums
Buzz at the Nags Head – 4th April 2008
Mac – Guitar/Vocals, Wink – Guitar, Sparkie – Bass, Foxy - Keyboards and Knobby – Drums

This page will show photos of bands we have been to see at various venues except Dusty’s for which please see the dedicated page.