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Our new kittens Freddie & Nina
II will be adding photos on a regular basis following the development of Freddie & Nina.
They are brother & sister and were born on the 12th April 2006, their mother is half Bengal and half British shorthair, their father is not known!
If you have cats and would like to have their photos added to this page please email them to me with a brief caption.
More photos can be found in my photobucket album, click on the following link to access them: Online photo album
Click here to view 'Under the Paw' on Amazon.co.uk

Nina & Freddie
We can sleep nicely together 31st January 2012

Freddie on my lap 26th November 2011

Nina 25th August 2011

Freddie on table

Nina in different position on TV

Freddie on the table

Nina’s new bed – The TV!

Nina 26th February 2011

Nina 26th February 2011

Freddie on my chair

Nina on her climbing frame 25th December 2010

Freddie & Nina 7th December 2010

Nina 18th November 2010

Freddie – I’m in abox!

Time to beat up my blanket

Nina says – “Look I’m bigger than Freddie”

How many different positions on one ironing board?
Ironing boards are good for something!

Ahhh my favourite position!

Aren’t I cute!

Let’s pretend we like our new beds

10th February 2010, we can share!

shhh don’t tell them I’m here

10th December 2009, can I go to the beer festival?

I said I could fit in this box!

22nd September 2009

Pack me!

8th August 2009

A very comfortable Nina

27th June 2009

A very comfortable Freddie

21st February 2009

It’s my chair!

I’m good and sleep on the cat bed

21st February 2009 – I’m so cute!


31st January 2009 – Freddie in baby mode

Another good bed – the ironing pile!

25th October 2008

This looks like it will make a good bed!

2nd July 2008 The suitcase is a better fit maybe they won’t notice me!

29th June 2008

I can lie in the lid of the box

28th June 2008

I can fit in this box!

sort of!

I’ll try all sorts of ways!

I can fit!

Maybe not after all

18th May 2008

9th May 2008

This is a work colleagues cat, shortly after this photo was taken the cat on the left came and stole the mouse!

3rd May 2008

Freddie parrot!

5th April 2008

So content

9th February 2008
It’s my box!

but we can both sit on it!

I might let you in!

I’m guarding my box!

It’s my bit of cardboard though!

what are you doing Freddie?

Sitting in my box

I’ll join you then!

I don’t think that was a good idea!

Let’s fight instead

It’s my curtain!

25th December 2007
Christmas prawns!

25th December 2007

25th December 2007

25th December 2007

25th December 2007

25th December 2007

25th December 2007

8th December 2007
Freddie and Nina in one of their favourite sleeping places

8th December 2007
Freddie’s favourite position

8th December 2007
It’s really comfortable up here!

6th December 2007
I know Freddie’s in there!

6th December 2007
See we can use the laptop too!

6th December 2007
Has she gone, is it safe to come out?

6th December 2007
I’ll attack the strange mouse instead
8th July 2007
Look how long I am! And helping mummy with the filing ?
7th July 2007
Killing the new toy, well it is a robin that sqeaks!
3rd, 5th & 6th May 2007
Haven't we grown!
9th March 2007
Mummy & Daddy are home from holiday what do they have in their boxes? Or maybe if we sleep in the boxes they won’t notice and will take us with them next time!
13th January, 2nd & 5th February 2007
Watching the fish again, helping defrost the freezer & we can sleep nicely together!
27th December 2006
Helping mummy clean the fish, watching the fish, resting & more play
25th and 27th December 2006
Our first Christmas, unwrapping our prawns and playing with the wrapping paper, who wants toys when we have paper!?
22nd December 2006
Freddie and Nina playing with their new toy
2nd December 2006
Freddie and Nina sleeping peacefully together
10th and 11th November 2006
Freddie's favourite position and we like boxes even if they are not empty!
22nd October 2006
You didn't really want to do any work, did you mummy?
24th September 2006
8th & 10th September 2006 - helping with the ironing etc.!
3rd September 2006 - still growing and mad!
13th August 2006 - You wouldn't believe these were the same mad kittens
More photos of the mad pair taken on the 6th August 2006

Nina on the day we brought her home
(16th June 2006)

Freddie on the day we brought him home
(16th June 2006)

Fighting on the 8th July!

I need a rest after all that fighting

I'm so good!

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