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See separate page for Diaries and photos of our trips to Belgium.

Click on the logo above to access the website of a community of Belgian beer lovers who can provide all the help you need.
If you want to rent a very nice apartment on a self catering basis please click on the link above for full details of the accommodation available, the owners also have available essential supplies and beer on site 24 hours a day.
As many of you will know we regularly visit Belgium and in particular Brugge (aka Bruges), we have been visiting Brugge for many years and have many friends out there. We have found some nice bars that are worth a visit if you are ever in the area.

Brugge is in the Flanders part of Belgium, the language spoken here is Flemish although virtually everybody speaks very good English and generally they prefer to speak to you in English rather than French which is the language of the Wallonian part of Belgium (Southern area)
There are a large number of hotels in the town but it does get very busy at certain times of the year, whilst it is not essential to book in advance we think it is advisable.

See below for photos from our various visits to Belgium.

One of the most famous bars in the town is the Brugs Beertje, people travel from far and wide to visit this bar, it is always recommended by the tour guides.
The bar can be found in Kemelstraat a small street on the right off Steenstraat the road that runs from the bottom left corner of the Markt if you stand with your back to the Belfry Tower.
The bar is owned by Daisy a good friend of ours but you won't always find Daisy in the bar these days, on recent visits the bar staff Frederick and Bram have been taking care of the visitors, they have a good knowledge of the beers they sell so if you are not sure what you would like to drink do ask, their English is excellent.
The beer list is extensive and as with all Belgian bars each drink has it's own glass.
There is always classical music playing in the background giving the place a nice relaxed feel.

Another of the bars we regularly use is a cellar bar called De Zolder, this is a little off the tourist area and as such is more of a locals bar. It can be found in Vlamingstraat, again with your back to the belfry this road runs off the top right corner of the Markt directly away from the Belfry, keep going past the Theatre until the road narrows and you will find it on the left hand side opposite a church. Due to it's nature it can be a little warm in the summer but it has a nice cosy atmosphere in the winter with a log effect gas fire in the huge very old fireplace. If you spend any length of time here you will start to think your site is going as the lights are gradually dimmed over the evening.
We are not sure what is the current position in this bar as the former owner is no longer there.

This is a new bar that opened in September 2007 it is another cellar bar that is run by Luc and Rinus, it is approximately 2 ½ times the size of De Zolder. It has an extensive marble feel as the floors and toilets are all marble. But it had a very relaxing friendly atmosphere when we visited. It can be found in Vlamingstraat on the opposite side of the road from De Zolder a little closer to the Markt, it is not very prominent so you need to watch out for two doors in the wall leading down some uneven steps to the cellar.
The beer range is not as extensive as in the Beetje but it is a wider range than in De Zolder, Luc has an excellent knowledge of the beers and his English is also excellent.
Izegem is approximately a 30 minute train journey from Brugge it is not really a tourist town but it is the home to another of our favourite bars - Kroegske
This bar is run as a hobby by it's owners so it's opening hours are restricted but it is well worth a visit. click here for their website giving location and opening hours
Brussels is approximately an hour train journey from Brugge and is home to a recent addition to our favourite bars – Chez Moeder Lambic
This bar has recently changed hands and is run by two very enthusiastic young men with a passion for the beer as yet they do not have a website, they are open every day from 4pm to 3am (I think), the address of the bar is: 68 Rue de la Savoie, area St Gilles telephone number 02 539 1419
Some of my favourite beers: