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Leroy and friends at the Nags Head – 21st March 2008
Leroy – Guitar/Vocals, Sparkie – Bass, Mike - Keyboards and Knobby – Drums
Papa Truck at the Nags Head – 14th March 2008
Martin – Guitar/Ukelele/Vocals, Dan – Banjo, Sparkie – Bass and Ryan – Guitar /Vocals
Malarky at the Nags Head – 8th March 2008
Colette – Vocals, TJ – Guitar/Vocals, Paul Jobson – Drums, Spy - Bass and Richard - Keyboard
Livewire at the Town Hall – 8th March 2008
The singer that takes the place of Brian Johnson is a friend of ours from many many years ago and we arranged with him to start our day when the band arrived to set up so we have photos of the stage in various states of setting up as well as the actual gig
Oli Brown Band at the Nags Head – 15th February 2008
Oli Brown – Guitar & Vocals, Fred Hollis – Bass, Simon Dring – Drums
Jumpsters at the Nags Head – 8th February 2008
Lewis Cohen – Guitar & Vocals, Joe Nacneil – Harmonica & Vocals, Duncan Greenwood – Keyboard, Ian Marriss – Bass, Adam Perry – Drums
Robin Bibi Band at the Nags Head – 1st February 2008
Robin Bibi – Guitar & Vocals, Tony ‘Bad Boy’ Martin – Bass, Dave Innes – Drums
Giles Hedley & the Aviators at the Nags Head – 18th January 2008
Giles Hedley – Guitar, Harp & Vocals, Richard Sadler – Bass, Sam Kelly/Pete Hedley – Drums
The Pistols at the Nags Head – 12th January 2008
Travelling Shoes at the Nags Head – 11th January 2008
Bold as Love at the Nags Head – 4th January 2008
TJ – Guitar & Vocals, Jim Reece – Bass & Vocals, Tona – Drums

This page will show photos of bands we have been to see at various venues except Dusty’s for which please see the dedicated page.